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Ishikawa special show on babaganousha

Starting Sunday 1th july @ 20:00 CEST

The set is available for download now!

Ishikawa is Angad Kapoor from b00mbay, India. At the tender age of 14, he first came into contact with psychedelia listening to Infected Mushroom's Psycho. As the years went by he grew up and so did his music collection, and now at the age of 19 he has been mixing for 3 years using softwares like Virtual Dj and Traktor.

Initially he was blown away by melodic psy by the likes of Cosma (R.I.P), Sesto Sento and Protoculture but now he connects to just about all kinds of psychedelia with his main focus being on the twilight hours playing music by artists like Shift, Azax Syndrom, Phatmatix and Menog. A firm believer in the music being enough to take you anywhere you want to go, his sets range from euphoric morning sets, to bone crunching dark music. His mixes have been regularly featured on a number of radio streams now, Radio Schizoid (India), Pump Up The Volume (France) and now Babaganousha (Germany).

So sit back and enjoy the ride into madness :).

Note: After the show his set (amoung with others from Ishikawa) will be downloadable




earworm - nuclear free [va - anomalistic behavior / anomalistic records]
lost and found - integration [va - cold conclusion / mmd records]
shift - remote access [shift - alternator / nexus media]
abomination - revelations [va - league of shadows / noize conspiracy records]
slug - the pressure [unreleased]
seroxat - new vision of the future [va - vision of the future / apocalypse records]
azax syndrom vs abomination - real magic [va - flamenco mania / nutek records]
phatmatix - evil circus [va - retrospective vol 1 / timecode records]
splinter - hydro shift [va - anomalistic behavior / anomalistic records]
smugg juggler - heathen race [va - cold conclusion / mmd records]
azax syndrom vs shift - how do u stop it [va - midnight storm 2 / nexus media]
s.w.o.r.n. - last chance [va - erratic distortion / mmd records]
shift - cerebral cortex rmx [va - endangered species / noize conspiracy records]
sick addiction - sinister beauty [va - spiritually spaced out / shiva space japan]
digital talk - acrobeat [va - sakura / yabai records]
rubix cube - quibonomics [va - cold conclusion / mmd records]
frozen ghost vs hiyarant - lockdown [va - league of shadows / noize conspiracy records]
ram - coles law part 2 [ram - killer bite's / last possible solution]