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Alpha`s Crazy Sounds Recap
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Alphas Crazy Sounds
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Tsychedelic Show: Triplet Fantasies


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TSY - Trinacula Scalena (a triplet fantasy)
Triplet Fantasies A fresh new Mix with handpicked Tracks und Remixes by TSY. ...




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With a new theme show: Triplet Fantasies
Tune in: Saturday 8th February @ 20:00h CET

A fresh new Mix with handpicked Tracks und Remixes by TSY.

Another TSYchedelic Theme Mix: Triplet Fantasies

You have heard them - Triplets or 3/4 beats
They give variety to the standard 4/4 structure of Electronic music.
Many Psytrance-Artists use Triplets as part of their Drop, to give their tracks the feeling of an Off-beat. 
It is also a new favorite way to make a Track last longer.
Most people recognize them, and they have become part of the most commercial tracks all over.

Very few tracks are ONLY in 3/4.

This TSYchedelic Triplet-Theme-Mix features a special selection of Triplet-Tracks which are only made up of 3/4 Rhythms.
- As a tribute to all the producers who venture into this unconventional territory.

Best to listen to on headphones or large speaker arrays ;) whilst dancing with your eyes closed.

 So dance, celebrate life, be the rhythm of your own heartbeat!  

TSY´s Theme mixes attempt to highlight the vast spectrum and variety within Psytrance.
These obviously take a lot of time to research, collect, sort out and mix. 

The TSYchedelic show features every second Saturday of the month.


Background history:
- TSY spent around 15 years actively promoting the Psytrance scene in
Namibia ever since 1998 when Trance was becoming popular in South Africa. 

He organised underground and commercial events with groups such as
Luna Shamanix, IceFire and Wackazoo.

He and some friends founded Geraas oppi Plaas in 2009. - A grass-roots
initiative and party organization which has blossomed and grown into a
successful Psytrance Event scene, which featured its first Earth-Dance this year. 

In 2014 he moved to Vienna and has been pursuing his old passion of mixing
Psy for the enjoyment of everyone listening, playing at some underground
and private events.

Dancing is the purest form of expression -  dance ! like a sound particle...

Peace - TSY



Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user4214918