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Alphas Crazy Sounds


 alpha.s crazy sounds - feb 15 - is online for Your FREE DOWNLOAD - va EARLY INTERVENTION ...
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Tune in: 14th of May 20:00 IST (India)  
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VA Zoberphobia is Plasmasphere Production’s sixth release. 

This compilation features various artists and friends all across the globe. From Asia to Australia, to Europe – be prepared for a panoramic experience born of organic influence. 
A collection of 16 tracks have been carefully selected and arranged to guarantee a smooth and safe journey. From the dancefloor, through the woods, to the stars. 

Album compiled by Ambient Energy (Plasmasphere Prod / Free Earth - sg) 

Support the artists and grab your free digital copy here! https://plasmasphereproductions1.bandcamp.com/album/va-zoberphobia

Donations are welcome and much appreciated. Thank you for keeping the forest alive!

The mixes aim to reflect the same kind of wonder in your wanderlust. Using experimental leads with organic percussion. The groove is on a constant change, sometimes breaking into cinematic soundscapes. Sometimes euphoric, sometimes melancholic. 

Since founding the Free Earth movement in 2012, they together have collaborated with local and expat collectives such as – Om Project, Trance Republic, Octopus Garden, Under The Bridge and Mi5chief Makers.


Adventures for 2016:
Under The Bridge: Pirate Rave ( 25 June 2016 ) [Boat Party, Singapore]
Hi. Tech. No ( 30 July 2016 ) [Sentosa Island, Singapore]
Inner Chroma ( 20 August 2016 ) [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]
Delta Tribe ( 9-11 December 2016 ) [Bangladesh]
Moon Mountain X’Mas ( 24-26 December 2016 ) [Thailand]
Atman Festival ( 28 January - 2 February 2017 ) [Sri Lanka]

Do lookout for more at:
Ambient Energy:
Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/ambientenergy/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ambientenergy

Plasmasphere Production:
Bandcamp: https://plasmasphereproductions1.bandcamp.com