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Alphas Crazy Sounds


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Tune in: Sunday 30th of April @
20:00 IST (India)
16:30 UTC+2 (Germany)     

DJ Furzy Pan comes from Lille, France. He started to DJ in 2013, collecting Trip-Hop, Techno & Psy-Trance tracks along the way. DJ Furzy Pan, also known as Kevin, has been enjoying the last 3 years, mixing and playing in his home country. From clubs to bars, ski resorts to the Alps, as well as small festivals in the Southern-East of France.

Known for his happy charm, Kevin always has a good time, bringing smiles around his aura. This year, DJ Furzy Pan is taking his musical influence one step further.

In 2016, DJ Furzy Pan joined his first project – Free Earth. Although this collective is based in Singapore, they share the same experimental direction in a joint quest for exploration.

With plans to further his musical influence, Kevin will focus on 2 festivals this year - PsyMongol (Bangladesh) & Moon Mountain (Thailand).
In his own words, “My purpose here is to share and give others a chance to appreciate music. I’m not restricted to just one style. Music is everywhere in all genre styles – All we need is a good ear for the right tracks at the right time”.

Do lookout for his mixes and further information at:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KevinFurzyPan
Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/FurzyPan/