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5 Years of Free Earth - Session 5.30:
Ambient Energy -  Free Earth Live Mix

Tune in:      12th of  March @ 20:00 UTC+8 (Singapore)
                                              @ 13:00 UTC+1 (Germany)                    

Ambient Energy loves a diverse range of music, and that's where the adventures begin. As a fellow traveller, the journey never stopped. Through the garden behind your home, picture one-step towards the sun and maybe one for the moon. Beyond the fence lays a diversity of culture. Music too, is evolving.

The mixes aim to reflect the same kind of wonder in your wanderlust. Using experimental leads with organic percussion. The groove is on a constant change, sometimes breaking into cinematic soundscapes. Sometimes euphoric, sometimes melancholic. 

Since founding the Free Earth movement in 2012, they together have collaborated with local and expat collectives such as – Om Project, Trance Republic, Octopus Garden, Under The Bridge and Mi5chief Makers.

Adventures for 2016:
Under The Bridge: Pirate Rave ( 25 June 2016 ) [Boat Party, Singapore]
Hi. Tech. No ( 30 July 2016 ) [Sentosa Island, Singapore]
Inner Chroma ( 20 August 2016 ) [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]
Delta Tribe ( 9-11 December 2016 ) [Bangladesh]
Moon Mountain X’Mas ( 24-26 December 2016 ) [Thailand]
Atman Festival ( 28 January - 2 February 2017 ) [Sri Lanka]

Do lookout for his mixes and further information at:
Ambient Energy:
Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/ambientenergy/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ambientenergy