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June 9thth @ 19:00 CEST

Loose Records presents Mayan Force - the debut album of Maya23. The Mexican duo Riccardo String and Erwin Ocampo throw the spotlight on an ecletic blend of  Mayan tribal sounds with dark progressive and the classic touch of Goa.

Officially the first Mexican artist to sign up with Loose Records, Maya23 presents 8 groundbreaking tracks  to load your sound system with. Crank up the volume and enter the journey in Mayan Force!

Maya 23 is a band of psytrance which mixes the power of psytrance and the Mayan culture sounds with traditional instruments and dancing as well. Band originated in
México City and produced by the International DJ Riccardo String and Erwin Ocampo, the band is focused in the spirituality of human being and the connection mainly with universe. 


to set free – our motto

free from confinement – what we believe music should be about
not firmly or tightly fixed in place – our values

Co-founded by Full Propulsion and Loose Cannon in 2013, Loose Records is an Electronic Music Label from Tokyo, created in response to the ever increasing fast changing pace in the world of Electronic Music.

Loose Records provides professional artists' bookings and media, audio mastering services and design services worldwide. Provide your audience with unique artists who stand out from the norm with their performance and out of this world music. Upgrade your music with Loose Records Mastering Services and forge optimal artist image and presence with Loose Records Design and Media.

We live in an era where there are countless genres of electronic music with standardized confined releases being put into the market daily. With so many sub-genres merging with each other, it is becoming virtually impossible to distinguish and label them and music has almost lost its meaning. Yet, most players decide to go down this road.

So, we are Loose. It is our motto, what we believe music should be about and our values.Release Live Set recorded by Full Propulsion vs Astral Minds.

Full Propulsion: http://looserecords.org/en/fullpropulsion.php
Astral Minds: http://looserecords.org/en/astralMinds.php


01. Hunapu
02. Mayan Force
03. Flying Mushroom
04. Descubriendote
05. Dance of Death
06. Magia Suprema
07. Maya Iluminado
08. Arco

Artist: Maya23
Title: Mayan Force
Label: Loose EM