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DJ Bungee Mechanical Fullmoon LivePsySet 2007

Set will start at 16th march @ 23:00 CET - Tune in!

baba: don't miss this set it is really well done & makes you move n' groove!

About DJ Bungee:

Over 15 years experience in DJing and mixing dance orientated trance music.People say that he is an underestimated talent.Since 10 years he is a producer and remixer.To stay up-to-date with music and vibe he never forgot to visit the parties.This allowed him the perfection of his mixstyle to top-of-the-line quality. He proved his skills on several successful parties, organized by the goa.de and trasunda crew in Germany.

djbungee3.jpg "Mechanical Fullmoon" (Live Fullon Set 2007)

1. System 7 / Feeler Remix
2. Zen Mechanics / New Propulsion Technology
3. Silicon Sound / Halt Production Remix
4. Intelabeam / Dust In Hoffman Remix
5. Eat Static / Motion Detector Remix
6. Tristan & Prometheus / Supernature
7. Bliss / Ladies & Gentleman
8. Polaris / 25
9. Black & White / Face to Face
10. Eat Static & Lucas / Primative Earthlings
11. Bliss / Viking Craft
12. Ferbi Boys / Evil Twin of Fantasy
13. CPU / Close Your Eyes
14. U-Recken / Lost Paradise


DJ Bungee is also one half of the project Green Guerilla Groovers (3G) Some nice tracks are downloadable in the DJ Sets & Tracks section - watch out !!


3 G a progressive-fullon-live-act. he members are DJ Bungee & Terramoog .DJ Bungee, DJ, remixer and party-organizer. erramoog, drummer and producer. Since three years they are producing together a mixture of electronic trance beats. *"2005 was a breaking point in our lifes, we merged our two studios into one, ith one goal - to make music t was a wonderful building an old mill house, *thats where the studio "Mainfloor" was born , our audio-lab!he best thing is: There are no direct neighbors, so we can boost our speakers around the clock!!

Thats why we had the opportunity to produce that kind of music in this particular quality! e appeared on several locations in northern Germany and performed live.

if you like our music please leave us a message at our myspace page

greetings from Germany around the globe
DJ Bungee & Terramoog