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TSYchedelic Show - Dancing Sound Particles.mp3


Dancing Sound Particles  (2019)

A fresh new Mix with handpicked Tracks und Remixes

We all know them, we all love them, the blips and blops and swirly stuff
around the head that feature in some tracks. 

All the tracks in this mix contain PRIME examples of these
sound particles. Since it is October, these particles will also
brighten our path toward Halloween .... get ready !

Can you feel them ? Can you taste them ? Let the particles of
sound dance inside your mind !

Best to listen to on headphones or large speaker arrays ;) whilst
dancing with your eyes closed.

My Theme-mixes try to highlight the vast spectrum and variety of
different ideas within Psytrance. Features including structure, texture,
tempo, mode, genre or feel will all be presented in future. 
- Stay tuned ! -

Creating these themed mixes obviously takes a lot of time to research,
collect, sort out and mix. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them!

Styles will only vary from Progressive, through Full-On and into Goa-Trance.
(Since Alpha is doing such an amazing job in the Hitech, Forest and Dark-scene)
The Tsychedelic Show will feature on the 2nd Saturday of every month.

Headroom - Edisons_Medicine
Breaker - Data Party
0dB - The Leveller
Britti & Intenscify - Contemplation of the Cosmos
Astrix - Adhana
Functional Freaks - Artificial Intelligence
Libra - Youmma
Pulsar - Expanding Consciousness (Antaluk rmx)
Zyce - The music box of Wonders
Vini Vici - Colors (Soundaholix rmx)
Isralien - Synthetaizer
Baracuda & Sentinel - Galaxies
Harmonic rush - Focus (ext. mix)
Pendulux - Mindgames
Lunatica & Owntrip - Kali Is Born

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Super User (baba)
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13 Oct 2019
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Submitted On:
13 Oct 2019
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