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LUKA - Cosmic Dawn EP



Hailed as a breath of fresh air amongst the South African electronic music scene, LUKA (aka BradKatzen) is an exciting up and coming Psytrance/Electro producer born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa.

After discovering software based music production at 12 years old, Brad became obsessed, teaching himself everything he knows, working his way up to learning to program the more complex software and music production tools he utilises in studio today.

Keeping music as a hobby, Brad began a career in film and TV working in post-production and visual effects before moving out towards directing and writing, working on TV, films and music videos. Before dedicating himself to electronic music, Brad began his musical journey exploring Metal and
Hard Rock, playing drums and then guitar in various local bands. Opting for more creative control, Brad made the decision to branch out on his own. Falling in love with the dubstep/electro explosion, he adopted the moniker LUKA and began producing his own filth-driven EDM, but with a more
upbeat style.

That opened him up to the vast universe of electronic music and after hearing Infected Mushroom for the first time, set him on the path of Psytrance, and he hasn't looked back since, exploring the varying styles of the genre…

He is completely self-taught, able to play guitar, piano and drums. His life goal is to learn as many musical instruments before he dies.

With an edgy, cheeky approach to his live performances LUKA is a perfectionist when it comes to presentation, performing his music carefully synced to mesmerizing, mind-bending visuals. LUKA'S style is always evolving, with particular focus given to taking the listener on a journey filled with cerebral, cinematic soundscapes that build to melodic, intense breakdowns.



01 - The Forest
02 - Cosmic Dawn
03 - Raising Hell
04 - Battle of the Fates

Contact Brad (LUKA) at:

E-Mail: bradkatzen@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/longliveluka/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/longliveluka
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/LongLiveLUKA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LongLiveLuka/

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