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Alphas Crazy Sounds


 alpha.s crazy sounds - feb 15 - is online for Your FREE DOWNLOAD - va EARLY INTERVENTION ...
alpha.s crazy sounds - feb 8 - is online for Your FREE DOWNLOAD - PHOBIUM live at SOMMEROYA...




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Introducing Ansgar (The worlds youngest electronic musician/German)
Tune in: Sunday 4th February @ 18:00h CET

I´m a 9 year old boy from Germany and I like composing electronic music in my little studio. Probably I´m the world´s youngest electronic musician.  'Synthesizers are my hobby, my setup and my lifestyle'
In February 2015 when I was six I decided to get a synthesizer. I saved my pocket money and bought a Korg Monotron. One month later I discovered playing chords on my own.

After getting a Microkorg, a Volca Beats and some old equipment from Dad, I started working on my first track. I had the idea of making a coverversion of the Imperial March from Star Wars. It was finished and released in february 2016 followed by more than 700 plays in three month.

I soon started working on my second track which is my first own composition. At the end of April 2016 this track called Jedi Cruiser 188 was finished and released. Its a long spacy track.

In February 2017 Porsche Drive 911 was my next one. Its a fast and hard techno track. In May 2017 I did my first live performance in my class at school.

At the end of September 2017 I had my first public live performance at the synth exhibition of the Electronic Circus Festival in Detmold.

In January 2018 I got my first airplay on Radio Modul 303. My new track Nature storm was released on 2n February 2018. Later this year I plan two collaborations with well known musicians and again playing live at the synthesizer exhibition of the Electronic Circus Festival. 


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