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ELELPHANT album REBORN LIFE samana rec. + double-va ENTER THE KARMAGEDDON twenty-five rec. - > interzone.pa bit.ly/2Obw6...
TSY - Embrace (2021)
With a new set: Embrace Another handpicked TSYchedelic Theme Mix! EMBRACE  Contact is the way that we humans ...
SUKE (japan) album MIKAKUNIN SEIMEITAI + MAGMA OHM (brazil) album LOST DIMENSION -> interzone.pa bit.ly/ 2Obw6cC +++this...



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Background history:
- TSY spent around 15 years actively promoting the Psytrance scene in
Namibia ever since 1998 when Trance was becoming popular in South Africa. 

He organised underground and commercial events with groups such as
Luna Shamanix, IceFire and Wackazoo.

He and some friends founded Geraas oppi Plaas in 2009. - A grass-roots
initiative and party organization which has blossomed and grown into a
successful Psytrance Event scene, which featured its first Earth-Dance this year. 

In 2014 he moved to Vienna and has been pursuing his old passion of mixing
Psy for the enjoyment of everyone listening, playing at some underground
and private events.

Dancing is the purest form of expression -  dance ! like a sound particle...

Peace - TSY



Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user4214918


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TSY - Stardust 2020

Short Description:
With a new set: Stardust (melodic Goatrance) Tune in: Saturday 15th August @ 19:00h CEST Another handpicked  TSYchedelic Theme Mix! All...
Submitted On:
16 Aug 2020
File Size:
131.6 MB

TSY - Trinacula Scalena (a triplet fantasy)

Short Description:
Triplet Fantasies A fresh new Mix with handpicked Tracks und Remixes by TSY. Another TSYchedelic Theme Mix: Triplet Fantasies ...
Submitted On:
11 Feb 2020
File Size:
200.3 MB

TSY - TSYSpace 2020

Short Description:
Another handpicked  TSYchedelic Theme Mix! 2020 has been a wild year. Filled with Challenges and Opportunities. New discoveries within ourse...
Submitted On:
13 Dec 2020
File Size:
262.6 MB

TSY - Wading through the Swamp - Halloween 2020

Short Description:
Another handpicked  TSYchedelic Theme Mix! As we approach Halloween, we are reminded that Autumn creeps in.  Leaves turn yellow and red and ...
Submitted On:
22 Oct 2020
File Size:
258.9 MB

TSYchedelic Show - Dancing Sound Particles.mp3

Short Description:
Dancing Sound Particles  (2019) A fresh new Mix with handpicked Tracks und Remixes We all know them, we all love them, the ...
Submitted On:
13 Oct 2019
File Size:
192.1 MB
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