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Introducing Ansgar (The worlds youngest electronic musician/German)
Tune in: Sunday 4th February @ 18:00h CET

I´m a 9 year old boy from Germany and I like composing electronic music in my little studio. Probably I´m the world´s youngest electronic musician.  "Synthesizers are my hobby, my setup and my lifestyle"
In February 2015 when I was six I decided to get a synthesizer. I saved my pocket money and bought a Korg Monotron. One month later I discovered playing chords on my own.

After getting a Microkorg, a Volca Beats and some old equipment from Dad, I started working on my first track. I had the idea of making a coverversion of the Imperial March from Star Wars. It was finished and released in february 2016 followed by more than 700 plays in three month.

I soon started working on my second track which is my first own composition. At the end of April 2016 this track called Jedi Cruiser 188 was finished and released. Its a long spacy track.

In February 2017 Porsche Drive 911 was my next one. Its a fast and hard techno track. In May 2017 I did my first live performance in my class at school.

At the end of September 2017 I had my first public live performance at the synth exhibition of the Electronic Circus Festival in Detmold.

In January 2018 I got my first airplay on Radio Modul 303. My new track Nature storm was released on 2n February 2018. Later this year I plan two collaborations with well known musicians and again playing live at the synthesizer exhibition of the Electronic Circus Festival. 

01. Imperial March
02. Jedi Cruiser 188
03. Porsche Drive 911
04. Nature Storm

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ansgar-363919865
Bandcamp: https://ansgar1.bandcamp.com