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Saturday, 30 May 2015

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Alphas Crazy Sounds
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Alphas Crazy Sounds
Der Waldlaeufer: Nateace (Album Release Show)
Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Der Waldläufer:  Nateace  (Album Release Show)

May 25th @ 19:00 CEST

Der Waldläufer,

somewhere between ambient | chillout | downtempo | soundscape | drone.

i´m an independent artist, producer & musician based in the middle of germany. through composing my music i´m trying to find inner
peace and silence in a hectic world. i´m always influenced by the dialouge between nature & technique. my self-release completely
near & far away is the first journey between the inner universe and the endless cosmos, followed by my second voyage wanderlust.

On May 15th, 2015 Der Waldläufer publish his third self-release "Nateace".

 The album title is a creation of the words nature and peace and thus refers directly to what
Der Waldläufer wants to express with his new songs. Like "Completely Near & Far Away" and "Wanderlust", "Nateace"  is also about the come to rest and to look inward. Der Waldläufer wants to invite the listener with his seven tracks on a 35 minute emotional and peaceful journey, where the acoustic colour of each compostion paints fantasy worlds, to find a bit relaxation and headspace for the mind into them.

The album is a digital-release and will appear on all major download platforms.
A special limited edition on CD is planned with an edition of 100 copies.

The track "Great Plains" is already on the current compilations of "Klassik Lounge -
Nightflight Vol. 7" (Lemmongrasmusic) and on "Spring Chill Vol. 3" (SINE Music)


1. Stella Solaris
2. Riverbanks
3. Dantian
4. Reminisce
5. Seru
6. Great Plains
7. Yari Jinx

Der Waldläufer Kassel, Germany

  1. http://www.waldläufer.com
  2. Facebook
  3. YouTube
  4. SoundCloud
  5. Twitter





Ocean Star Empire - Militant's Dreamscape Remixes & Stasis Yoga (Album Release Mix)
Thursday, 07 May 2015

Ocean Star Empire:
Militant's Dreamscape Remixes  & Stasis Yoga  (Album Release Mix/Faxi Nadu)

May 9th @ 18:00 CEST

Dear listeners you MUST not miss this show and after the show you WILL buy this album for sure!
This album is without any doubts a unique  project of Faxi  Nadu  and Oss Vaisband.

Deep and melodic space stories from far away places and times. Psychedelic trance music that has a l
ittle something from everything - goa, prog, fullon, forest. Touch the past, reach the future.

Ocean Star Empire is goa-psy act touching three dots on a map -

Nomad Moon from Portugal, Bacchanalian Bass from the USA and Faxi Nadu from Israel


He Who Has The Heart Of An Explorer And The Soul Of A Poet
Touch The Past
Reach The Future

 Militant's Dreamscape Remixes


Stasis Yoga


Militant is the solo project of Andre Muller. The Cape Town resident also forms an essential part of the management team of well-known international twilight label, Kaos Krew Records, a label that has over the last few years become a notoriously prolific force in full on psychedelic trance,

releasing music from almost every corner of the globe. Since winning one of UP!Noize Records Remix Contests in April 2014, Militant has become quite the prolific producer himself, constantly striving for perfection and supreme quality… Since then he has released tracks on 3 VA compilations, 2 solo artist EP’s on Free Minds Records & UP!Noize Records respectively,

a VS EP with Mexico’s finest up & coming talent as well as his debut collaboration EP with Mr. Night Wolf under the ‘SECRET COSMOS’ guise on Kaos Krew Records…

 A deep meditative spiritual journey a dramaticaly hypnotic landscape.

The Stasis Yoga Experience contains four versions of the track. The original chillout mix, a grungy live trance mix, a polished studio trance mix and a deep drone ambient mix.

In deep space, it is a daily struggle just to maintain sanity. Yoga and meditation play an important part in providing a clean and clear mind.

Some of the gear ysed:
Novation K- Station, Akai Rhyth, Wolf, Yamaha DX200, Akai MPK25, AKAI APC40, Waldorf Rocket, Novation Launchpad Mini, Access Virus, FM Radio
All Tracks W&P Ocean Star Empire (Nomad Moon - Nuno Muacho, Faxi Nadu - Yaron Eshkar, Bacchanalian Bass - Kyle Ramos & Oss - Oss Vaisband), and

REMIXED by Andre Muller @ Militant Studios, SA.
Mastering done By Roby Martinez Cantu @ Roby Studios, MEX

Album graphics by Andre Muller 


All tracks written and produced by Nuno Muacho, Yaron Eshkar, Oss Vaisband

Illustration by: Yael Eshkar
Graphic Design by: Fernando Abreu @ fernandohood.com
Tracks 1-2 mastered by Lee Own Taylor @ audioaddictz.com
Tracks 3-4 mastered by Ocean Star Empire






Special: Propagul (Russia) Propagul - Propagul - Warm Moss EP Release Show
Friday, 10 April 2015

Special: Propagul (Russia)  with:
Propagul - Warm Moss EP Release Show


Sunday 3th May @ 18:00 CEST

I'm very happy to announce  this show!

Propagul is the project of two talented musicians from Russia, Moscow (Evgeniy and Maxim).
Both started their musical experience long time ago and step by step were developing their skills
n making tunes as well as djing on different parties. 

Well Evgeny and Maxim started their psychedelic experience as two separate projects Kiru and
Maximus, made lots of tunes and released many of tracks on different labels such as DARK recs,
Triplag music, Blitz Studios, made solo and split albums. After some years of working under the
projects their meet each other in the scene and decided to make collaborated project named PROPAGUL 
its mainly forest vibes style expressing some life experience and thoughts and emotions connected with
our earth and nature. 

Now guys working on first EP as joint project and gonna be release on Sonic Chakras label. Meanwhile
doing some stuff for different forest labels such as Digital Shiva Power, Mighty Quinn and
Another Dimension music as well as doing some collaboration with other musicians all other the world.

PROPAGUL project performing  in Russian and CIS countries at the moment and waiting for international booking.

Turn on, tune in and drop out, fellows! Good news incoming!!

Sonic Chakras team is glad to announce second digital free release in our spicy sound forms menu! Here it comes -
fresh'n'fat EP "Warm Moss", from rising russian psychedelic duo Propagul. Prepare for 4 outstanding tracks, that
will lead u to interdemensional travel! Have a nice time!)

85b62d4a27ea43297eb1ab349b6e06c6_l.jpg  Tracklist:

01 Propagul & Gnohm - Warm Moss
02 Propagul & Jangaramongara - Perforation
03 Propagul - Swamped (Kerlivin RMX)
04 Propagul & Griboz - Miraculous Didgeridoo



For Booking please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Skype: eugenesfasp

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