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Friday, 28 November 2014

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Introducing Dreamland Records (Finland)
Friday, 07 November 2014

Introducing  Dreamland Records (Finland)

Get ready:  9th November @ 19:00 CET

I'm very happy to annouce the release of this great album  from Finnland.

Dreaml4nd is melodic trance / psy / goa / game music project of DJ Aegonox
(Agitato, Goa) aka DJ Peter Pan (Entropy) . 


  A new style of music has been born. Welcome to Dreamland. It is a world of strong emotions and states of mind inspired heavily by Japanese game worlds, Goa trance and psytrance. Beware though, if you enter the Dreamland, there is no going back. The melodies and sound patterns might still be playing in your head even after turning off the speakers!

In addition to unforgettable synth lead melodies and hypnotic repeating patterns, huge variety of classic instruments sounds like pianos, cellos, harps, electric guitars, string orchestras, female singing, throat singing, flutes, djembe drums, retro video game sounds, classic psy farts and even tb-303 are all there. Even oceanic waves, singing birds, grasshoppers, 19th century steam trains and strange fx tricks like moving stereo fields and unusual melodic transitions are part of Dreamland. Elements from multiple psytrance subgenres and other electronic music are combined into a masterpiece unlike anything that you have heard before.


1. Goa Dream
2. Got Wings
3. Zelda Is Back
4. Ghost Graveyard
5. Crystal Dream
6. Waves In Ocean
7. Endless Induction
8. Welcome To Dreamland

Get the Album at Bandcamp

Booking & Contact:
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


  It took for a good reason over 10 years of mind work to create this album. Most of the tunes went through many iterations of creation, feedback and dance floor testing and it lasted years for them to develop into their final form. The tunes contain a lot of small details and every new listening is a different experience as you start to become aware of more details.

Dreamland is a hyper dimensional flying trip. You learn to fly through different worlds, beaches, islands, oceans, dark forests, deserts and even ancient fortresses. As the creator of Dreamland has background in Scandinavia, Middle East and Japan, all these three music cultures have given influence. We are proud to present the debut album of Golan (aka DJ Aegonox). Dreamland is a classic that every serious electronic music collector needs to have in his shelf!



No Comment Records - Special Halloween Show!
Sunday, 26 October 2014

No Comment Records - Special Halloween Show!

Eight hours! Dark Psychedelic Trance for the real Halloweeen feeling.

When: Friday 31th October, 20:00h - Sat, 1th November, 04:00h

No Comment Records is an independent label based in Warsaw/Poland. Aim of this project is a wide promotion of psychedelic
culture and it's creative representatives with their innovate conceptions. Founders of this project will focus on two
ndependent streams: dark and fullpower, avoiding the main-stream.

Win either The Album from Fobi  or the Compilation Laboratorium (we have 4 of both to win - many thanks to No Comment Records)
press on the brain to take the test ;) The Quiz will be activated at the beginning of the show.
 20:00 -  21:10


 This compilation accumulates different rhythm and baseline constructions from
different walks of psychedelic trance. A zeitgeisty stuff from Russian Woods, a
quest in search of the spirit swamped in the pure groovy vibe, a tribute to oldschool
but with high quality sound density


1.  Transdriver - Radioactive Decay      
2.  Wing Ping - Gnevna Meelost (Paint That Love)
3.  Peace Data - Nom-Nom                 
4.  Cybered - Mushroom Cloud             
5.  CPC - SOJ2009                        
6.  Tribal Walkers - Doctor Grab         
7.  CPC - Sesas                          
8.  Tonga - Zamelo                       
9.  Fufaikers - Muppetation              
 21:15 - 22:30


Fresh, brilliant and crystalline clear tunes by 'Fobi', presenting his album
'Organic Sources', that will for sure make you feel as if you just had a
Pan-Galactic Gargel Blaster, like having your brain smashed out by a slice of
lemon wrapped round a gold brick!


1.  I Think U Know
2.  Organic Sources
3.  Illusions  
4.  Fireplace (with Zaiklophobia)
5.  Wood Masks                  
6.  Archeological Artefacts     
7.  This World Is A Room For Everyone
8.  Things from the Future          
9.  Psychometric Properties         
10. Organic Sources                 

 22:30 -  23:45


Diferent flavors and feelings carefully mixed, crafting special substances,
each with it's own particular taste. Expect diferent music only by the most
creative old and new artists on the scene. Enjoy it at home or in the middle
of a forest.

Make your own alchemic voyage to the sound of LAB's selection!


1.  Transdriver - Coma
2.  LAB - Hardlife   
3.  Horror Maze - Alogorythmic co.
4.  Samadhi - Android             
5.  Malice in Wonderland & LAB - 1984
6.  Psyfactor - Morienus            
7.  Illow - Devil's Meeting         
8.  CPC - Sputnik7                  
9.  Multi Evil - Grafen Module      
10. Wing Ping - Recoil in the cities
    (Titulo Principal)                          

 23:45 - 00:45


This album is an amazing masterpiece of night music with cybernetic flavour.
Brings you many twisted sounds in different shapes, colors and patterns.
Everything gathered in 10 multidimensional tracks.

Don't miss it!


1.  Multi Evil - The Bridge                  
2.  Multi Evil - Komix Fm                    
3.  Multi Evil - Molecular Accelerator       
4.  Multi Evil - Goa Power (with Ator Project)
5.  Multi Evil - Opposite Directions         
6.  Psy Cut Fingers - Bombay Fx (Multi Edit) 
7.  Multi Evil - Time Screaper               
8.  Multi Evil - Radical Structures          
 00:45 - 02:00


LAB has aimed to re-create soundscapes that range from lush,
multi-coloured domains of Nature that induce a caleidoscopic view
of the realm, a window to ancient desolated cities, corrupted by
timeless ages of forgotten technological lore. These elements have
been twisted into reality through the employment of elaborate
arrangements of basslines and kicks, empowered by polished,
sharpened synthesisers and far-frequency-reaching rhythms.


1.  Inflatable (with Kiriyama)
2.  Forgotten Capital         
3.  Maze of Tribulations      
4.  Sanctum Logic             
5.  Heisenberg                
6.  Roleplayers               
7.  Landscaper                
8.  Highwind                  
9.  Scareblow (with Simian)   
10. Eerie Future              
 02:00 -  3:15


New sound of CPC is different than everything you have heard so far.
It brings you to the places you've never imagined that might
exist. Following the best oldschool traditions it is presenting the spirit of
music poetry.


01. Intro                                           
02. Copenhagen                                      
03. Squadazm                                        
04. Essentuki                                      
05. Secrets                             
06. Kamni                                         
07. Nahpoh                                        
08. Piter 26                                      
09. Lizerd 23                                       
10. Cykle
 03:15 - 04:15


Awesome? Fantastic? One of a kind? All these expressions aren't enough
to describe a single track from that VA. How to describe the whole release?
Don't miss it! This is a must have for everyone who is prepared for discovering
new horizons, following the path of psy! A strong start for this new label for sure!


1.  Multi Evil - Resurrection     
2.  LAB - Post Apocaliptic        
3.  Necropsycho - Ritual Of Shiva 
4.  CPC - Lizard Metanoya         
5.  Multi Evil - Brains Only      
6.  LAB - The Menger Sponge       
7.  Necropsycho - Tortured Souls  
8.  CPC - Begin                   
9.  Gobit Vs. Cube - Neurolepik   

Acidum Rex - Special Live! Gappeq Special Set
Friday, 10 October 2014

Acidum Rex  - Special Live! Gappeq Special Set

Get ready: 11th October @ 18:00 CEST

My name is Dannie Jensen, from the central of Jutland(DK) little town called "Ry" born 1983,
starting to make Psychedelic music at an early age,12 years old in the alias X-vida mostly
Minimal/Psy-prog! Startet to Dj with "Freaky G" and "Uncle Fungus" as Da Wicked Crew,
in my Dj alias Acidum Rex! Got two sets for download here on babaganousha.net!

Then i startet my own company "Webtimering" makeing Websites/Webdesign, just to
try something different, so no studio time for about 4-6 years! And know aim back in the studio,
and back as Dj Acidum Rex! I've played many timeshere on babaganousha.net, longtime ago,
cant even remember the last time!? :) But aim back at the scene, got a new album comming up!!! :) so this
is not the last time you will hear me here on babaganousha.net!

B00M X-vida aKa Acidum Rex

Acidum Rex

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